Picture of the hydropower section of the mill

The mill now uses the power in the flowing river to generate hydro-electricity. The gravitational energy in the water falling over the weir is converted into electrical energy via the fully restored waterwheel and two Archimedes Screw turbines. The original screw, the first in the UK, was installed in 2007; a second larger screw was added during 2017 and has been generating since May 2018. The wheel and screws each drive a generator via a gearbox. The output of electricity is determined by the flow of water and head, i.e. the height of the fall over the weir, so is dependent on the river level. Too little flow and output is reduced, too much flow and the head declines and eventually generation ceases. Maximum output is approximately 55 kW, enough for the average demand of about 100 houses. Most of the electricity is exported to the National Grid via an underground cable that joins a high voltage cable at the road bridge. Income from its sale funds the running costs of the project.

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