FREE school visits are available at Howsham Mill. Howsham Mill is also piloting a transport subsidy in order bring more young people to Howsham Mill by removing financial barriers.  Subsidies will be allocated in order of eligible applications. All state-funded primary schools who are hiring a coach are eligible to apply.  Private schools are not eligible.  Schools with their own transport are not eligible to apply.  Schools with higher than average numbers of FSM pupils are eligible for a slightly larger subsidy.

To book a school visit to Howsham Mill:

  1. Email edu.howshammill@gmail.com.  Tell us your ideal dates (give several options – or a preferred half term), let us know approximately how many children will be coming, and which workshop you would like to do.
  2. We will email you a booking form (which includes information about applying for the subsidy) and a school visit briefing.
  3. Complete the booking form and return it to us.
  4. If you are eligible for a transport subsidy, send an invoice after your visit.

School visits are more relaxed when there is one class (of up to approx. 30 children) on site at a time.  However, we can take up to 2 classes (60 children) on site at one time.  Toilet facilities are limited!  Availability for booking one class is much greater.  If booking for 2 classes, Thursdays are best.  We are fully booked for April and May 2024.

Helen Spring, who leads our education programme, is a qualified and experienced teacher, who works as a Primary Science and Outdoor Learning Consultant.  Helen is also the author of ‘Teaching Primary Science Outdoors’ and a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.  

Mel Boyeson, who leads education workshops at Howsham Mill, is a qualified and experienced teacher, working as a Primary Science Consultant.  Mel is also a Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) fellow.

Most school groups come from 10am – 2pm, stopping for a lunch break with marshmallows toasted over the fire.  Timings can be adapted to suit your group.   

We always advise a pre-visit before bringing school parties to the Mill. If you would like to book a school visit, or have any queries about making a visit, please contact Helen Spring, our Education Manager.  There is also a short video on YouTube which it may be helpful for teachers to watch in advance of booking a visit.

Information about our workshops, as well as comments from teachers, can be found below.  Click for details.  

Rivers and maps

Covering KS2 geography objectives, children learn about the features of a river, make waterwheels and [...]


Covering DT cooking objectives, design, make and evaluate your own bread roll, whilst learning about [...]

Energy Island

Learn about renewable energy at Howsham Mill – we generate hydroelectricity using a waterwheel and [...]


This workshop should take place in the spring, when there are flowering plants. Children use [...]

Gears, Levers and Pulleys

Explore Gears, Levers and Pulleys. Addressing Y5 science forces objectives, children will model gears, explore [...]

Habitats and minibeasts for KS1

Children look for minibeasts in different habitats.  KS1 children write ‘habitat postcards’ describing the habitats [...]

A Device called a meter pictogram

Data Logging

We have a class set of data loggers for children to explore.  This workshop involves [...]

Outdoor Maths

Come and join us for a full day of putting maths into a real life [...]

Seed Dispersal

This workshop should take place in the autumn, when there are seeds on the plants. [...]

Rocks and soils

Explore different types of soils, classify different soil samples and observe soil in sediment jars.  [...]

Survival workshop

Spend the morning taking part in a mapping activity leading to 'treasure'.  Cook s'mores over [...]

A Diagram on big paper

Habitats and classification KS2

Children look for minibeasts in different habitats.  LKS2 children are introduced to classification; UKS2 children [...]

Plants KS1

Children identify parts of a plant an take part in activities to support identification of [...]


“Helen was a fantastic leader. She explained all the activities clearly and had planned and prepared well to ensure the day ran smoothly. Prior to the visit she was prompt returning emails and answering questions. Although there are a lot of potential risks on site, these were managed really well and at not point were the children in danger… The children had a fantastic day and really enjoyed all of the activities. All staff commented on how different it was to go on such an outdoors based visit and what an experience it was for many of our children who don’t often get that opportunity. It was lovely to see them take risks but in a safe environment. Many of them said it was their favourite trip ever!”

“Helen’s communication with ourselves was excellent.  She answered any queries we had with efficiency and was absolutely great with our children… We found the visit really tailored to our group and it fit into the year 6 curriculum perfectly thanks to Helen.  The environment of the Mill lends itself perfectly to learn more about elements of Science.  We will definitely be back.  Thanks very much Helen!”

The children had so many questions and Helen took time and care to answer all of these, really broadening the children’s knowledge of habitats… Just to say all of the children and staff had a truly brilliant day. Thank you for making it such a great and memorable trip!”

“It was a well-organised day in a fabulous setting.  Thank you for the marshmallow treats too – they were fab!”