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Terrington Hall have visited Howsham Mill regularly since 2015.  Howsham Mill’s Education Manager, Helen, has worked with children from EYFS up to Year 8. One of our most adventurous projects was the construction of a huge bug hotel alongside children from Foston and Terrington Primary Schools as well as voiunteers from the Howardian Hills AONB and Moorswork.  Workshops have included classifying minibeasts, building a bug hotel, making bread and cooking it over the fire, creating waterwheels and constructing bows and arrows.  Terrington Hall have their own minibuses so are able to bring small groups to Howsham Mill, providing Helen with an excellent opportunity to trial new workshops! Feedback from staff and pupils has alwasy been excellent:“We loved every activity during our day and the amount of learning throughout each one was outstanding. The children were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed everything. They did not even want to stop for lunch!  Helen has so much knowledge and is personable, inspiring and creative.The children enjoyed making and testing their own Archimedes screws and learning about how they work. We also made and tested solar ovens. They particularly enjoyed using data loggers for the first time.

Every time we come to Howsham Mill, we have a wonderful time filled with positive learning experiences.

Again, just a massive thank you. The children and staff love visiting and always have lots to tell and remember about their day.”

Year 4 Teachers, 2019

Helen is amazing – she plans the activities perfectly and is flexible with timings which really suits the groups of children we bring. Her subject knowledge is fantastic and she is very enthusiastic. The children really enjoyed renovating the bug hotel and as a teacher I appreciated the input on classifying animals.”

Year 3 Teacher, 2018

And my favourite bit of feedback -in response to ‘what was the best part of your visit?’  “Helen – she is a phenomenal education officer. She always engages the children and organises interesting activities.” (Year 3 Teacher, 2019) 

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