Rocks and soils

Rocks and soils

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Explore different types of soils, classify different soil samples and observe soil in sediment jars.  Classify and group rocks, look for rocks at Howsham Mill.  Carry out an investigation into the hardness of rocks.

10.00am – 10.45am – welcome / tour / health and safety

10.45am – 11.45am – what is soil? Carry out 5 simple tests to show that soil is made of living things, things which used to be alive, rocks, air and water.

11.45 – 12.45– lunch to include s’mores cooked over the fire

12.45 – 1.45pm – rock investigation – which rock is hardest – test with nails, sandpaper, fingernails.  Write conclusion.

1.45pm – plenary and walk back to bus

Learning objectives:

  • compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties (science, Y3, rocks)
  • recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter (science, Y3, plants)

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